Where it all began


Over 40 years of organic knowledge and experience

Our History

Four Leaf started when the family farm was purchased in 1969.  As there was no history of chemical use, Gavin reasoned the whole wheat grain thereby produced must be healthier for the family.  Conventional white flour has its wheat germ and bran removed.  The vitamins and minerals which are so important to a healthy diet are missing.  Of equal concern was the additives present in the white flour, plus the chemical residue used in the growing and storage of the grain.

With Gavin’s knowledge on grain processing and the healthy advantage of wholewheat flour for their then young family, he built a small mill to grind their farm produced wheat into flour.

The mill ground the wheat between two natural granite stones producing 100% wholewheat flour.   The flour proved to be nutritious and made excellent bread.  Small scale marketing began in locally and in Adelaide.

In 1983 land was purchased at nearby Tarlee and a commercial milling operation was established a small distance from the farm.  Four Leaf Milling Pty Ltd came into existence.

Before extending the mills, Gavin experimented with varieties of stone from different parts of the world finding local Sienna granite the most suitable grinding material.  The unique mill design ensures grain is milled at slow speed without heat build-up, thus preserving the integrity of the quality and vitamin content of the flour.

Gavin continued to design and build machinery for the milling operation which included equipment for basic grain cleaning, hulling, grain steaming and rolling.  His engineering ability and the new mill workshop allowed the development and expansion of the milling operation.

What began as using the wheat and oats from the home farm has now developed to over 60 lines of many different grain products.  Grains are now sourced from our farm as well as farms from many areas of Australia.  All supplier farms are owned and run by dedicated certified organic and bio dynamic farmers.