85% Light Flour (1kg)


Also known as bran reduced wholewheat flour, atta flour or unbleached flour.  Derived from the 100% wholewheat flour, about half the bran is removed leaving approximately 85% of the original whole grain.  This makes a finer textured dough and is suitable for lighter cakes, pastries, pasta, biscuits, pancakes.  It is fantastic for making bread in bread machines – just use the wholemeal recipe that came with your machine.

Product of Australia

Nutritional Information

Average quantity per 100g
Energy:                  1470kj
Protein:                 11.4g
Fat: total                2.1g
-saturated               <1.0g
– total                       65.3g
– sugars                   <1.0g
Sodium:                5.0mg

Typical analysis, to be used as a guide only